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Our interactive, award-winning program, supports how your child learns best.

  • Helps build math, language & reading skills
  • Responds to your child’s learning level
  • Provides real-time feedback
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We blend digital and hands-on learning to support how kids learn best.

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Start with a grade-level kit.
Everything your child needs to practice core skills.
Magic Workbooks + App + Osmo.

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Extend your child’s learning.
Interactive, skill-building workbooks with real-time feedback.
Osmo required.

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Embark on a guided adventure! 3,000+ educational videos, quizzes, stories, & songs make concepts simple and fun.


Builds on what kids learn in school

Created by educators and loved by kids, BYJU’S Learning products meet curriculum standards.

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Disney storytelling brings learning to life while our active learning approach, helps kids master the skills they need most.

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Created by educators,
loved by kids

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BYJU’S is the trusted learning partner of 150+ million students worldwide.With a mission to inspire a love of learning, we bring the future of education to the present through technology-enabled, personalized learning journeys. Our passionate global community of educators develop active learning experiences to support how kids learn best - by seeing, playing and doing.