BYJUS's Magic Workbooks featuring Disney
Watch to know how our Active Learning experience works!

Grade Level Kits

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How it works

Practice, Play, Learn
By pairing Magic Workbooks with OSMO technology, and our learning App,
it’s a whole new way to learn.

BYJU’S Learning App

Embark on a guided adventure with thousands of activities including video lessons, learning games, and engaging stories, personalized to your child’s learning level.

BYJU’S Magic Workbooks

Practice core concepts with interactive workbooks that enable your child to get real-time feedback every step of the way.

Osmo Base and Reflector

AR technology provides your child feedback so they understand when they get it right or need to try again.

Our Approach

BYJU’S Active Learning is a unique
educational approach.
By blending interactive digital and hands-on tools, we motivate kids to participate in their own learning journey. It is a multi-sensory experience, supporting how each child learns best, so they can become more curious and confident learners.

Grade-level Skills

Build on what kids learn in school!
Developed by educators, loved by kids, and aligned to national standards.

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