Our advisory board

The BYJU’S North America content advisory board is a team of diverse professionals and academic experts in early childhood development, elementary education, and games for learning. Board members work alongside the BYJU’S 1,000+ creator team to provide valuable insights and product feedback to shape content that helps meet the needs of Pre-K to 3rd grade learners.

Dr. Jan Plass

New York University, Professor and Paulette Goddard Chair in Digital Media and Learning Sciences

“BYJU’S visionary approach to learning blends the digital and the physical, taking advantage of the power of computing while engaging kids in activities that do not require screens.”

Dr. Jan L. Plass is the founding director of the CREATE (Consortium for Research and Evaluation of Advanced Technology in Education) and co-directs the Games for Learning Institute. An international leader in research on simulations and games for learning with 25 years of experience in ed-tech, Dr. Plass is also the lead editor of the Handbook of Game-based Learning (MIT Press, 2020)

What is Active Learning with Digital Tools?


“BYJU’S approach to learning uses differentiated learning strategies such as videos, games, and activities to address different learning styles and keep children engaged and meet them where they are at in their learning journey.”

Dr. Tolonda Tolbert Ph.D. has over two decades of in-the-field experience translating and operationalizing theory and research into the practice of fostering inclusive cultures. Dr. Tolbert is an experienced thought leader and trusted advisor on designing human-centered practices and organizational change initiatives for complex organizations, as well as an educational interdisciplinarian who uses neuroscience, behavioral economics, and technology to scale global solutions.


Dr. Tolonda Tolbert Ph.D.

Co-founder of Eskalera; Thought Leader Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Dave Blanchard

St. Cloud State University, Assistant Professor of Teacher Development, College of Education & Learning Design

“The BYJU’S Learning App is designed with learner engagement and skill acquisition in mind. Through meaningful mini-lessons, an engaging storyline, and a robust content library, learners are provided an incredible learning app that grows with the child.”

Dave Blanchard is a former elementary teacher, technology specialist, and district coordinator. He focuses on designing modern learning experiences that leverage strong pedagogical practices and learning technologies.


“The BYJU’S Learning App provides a differentiated learning experience tailored to meet children’s needs by grade level and skill. The game is made all the more powerful by the scaffolded support children receive through the digital app.”

Claire Galdun is the advisor to BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney ensuring game standards align with traditional curricula so that kids can apply what they learn from BYJU'S Learning to school and everyday life. Claire has nearly a decade of experience as a teacher, assistant principal, and coach to educators and holds a masters in early childhood education from John Hopkins University School of Education.


Claire Galdun

Sr. Curriculum Advisor to Osmo

Special thanks

With special thanks to thousands of parents and teachers worldwide who shared their valuable input during the making of BYJU’S Learning products.