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Learning App + Magic Workbooks

Practice, play, and learn with an interactive app and hands on activities, personalized to your child’s learning level.

Osmo technology means every interactive worksheet provides real-time feedback each step of the way, fostering independent play in young learners.

Build fundamental math, language and reading skills alongside Disney characters. It’s a powerful blend of physical and digital tools for a whole new way to learn.

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Pre-K through 3rd Grade

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Important: This product requires the use of a compatible iPad/Fire tablet.

Please review our list of supported devices.


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What’s inside


BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney lets kids learn alongside favorite Disney and Pixar characters.

  • Over 1,000 engaging educational activities, including video lessons, read-along stories, interactive quizzes, and more.
  • Personalized learning adventures meet kids where they are, with a library of content to support different types of learners, including 60+ hours of skill-building activities featuring Disney characters from Frozen, Cars, and Toy Story.

BYJU’S Magic Workbooks featuring Disney lets kids practice what they learn with a collection of digitally enabled interactive worksheets that extend kids’ onscreen learning experience.

  • Grade-level math, language and reading workbooks build on what kids learn in the app and in the classroom.
  • Powered by Osmo, each of the interactive worksheets gives kids a hands-on learning experience with real-time feedback.

What’s included

  • 2-year subscription to BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney
  • A collection of Magic Workbooks for math, language and reading with hundreds of interactive pages. View all
  • Osmo Base and Reflector
  • 3 WizPens
  • 12 Magic Color Wax Crayons (Pre-K to 1st grade only)
  • Click on this to see the tutorial to set up the BYJU’S Learning Kit.

Skill by grade level

Our Active Learning approach helps kids master foundational concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and foster critical thinking.

Math, Language & Reading Pre-k K G1 G2 G3
Language & Grammar
Social & Emotional
Logical Reasoning
Spatial Awareness
Problem Solving
Scientific Thinking
Analytical Thinking
Reflection & Retention
Critical Thinking