Our approach : learn the BYJU'S way

What is Active Learning?

BYJU’S Active Learning is an educational approach that inspires children to interact in their own learning journey. To do this, we blend multiple interactive methods and media types to make learning meaningful and fun for all types of learners.

Unlike many passive learning modalities, Active Learning engages kids in the process, allowing them to participate in ways that work best for them. Visual storytelling, interactive adventures, and personalized journeys enable kids to choose how they learn, fueling a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Through BYJU’S Active Learning approach, kids’ minds are activated in multiple ways:

  • They learn by seeing, playing, and doing
  • They read, write, solve problems, watch, listen, touch, talk, play, do, reflect, and process
  • They practice and get feedback in real time

Our dynamic blend of digital and physical tools help build foundational math, language and reading skills through video lessons, read-along stories, interactive quizzes, and hundreds of digitally enabled worksheets.

Our programs are developed by a global community of educators, and supported by creative storytellers, game designers, technologists. They also feature favorite Disney and Pixar characters. Our learning kits utilize Osmo’s innovative reflective AI technology, enabling children to get real-time feedback every step of the way. These unique educational experiences engage every child, inspiring children to fall in love with learning.

Why is Active Learning important?

Our Active Learning approach is learner-centered, allowing kids to become immersed in their own learning experience—mastering foundational numeracy and literacy skills, gaining independence, and fostering critical thinking. Active Learning teaches kids to ask the right questions—they not only understand the “what”, they also learn the “how” and the “why.”

Active Learning makes learning simple, engaging, and fun for every child. This means kids are empowered to grow into lifelong active learners, and develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that are needed in our increasingly complex world.

Skill by grade level

Our Active Learning approach helps kids master foundational concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and foster critical thinking.

Math, Language & Reading Pre-k K G1 G2 G3
Language & Grammar
Social & Emotional
Logical Reasoning
Spatial Awareness
Problem Solving
Scientific Thinking
Analytical Thinking
Reflection & Retention
Critical Thinking